Friday, May 11, 2012

Idol Fashion: Hollie Cavanagh Dress (May 10, 2012)

*UPDATE: I found Hollie's exact dress!

I know those who are reading this right now are those who were in LOVE with Hollie's dress from Thursday night's episode.

We first saw her wearing the dress when she came out singing California Dreamin' by The Mamas & the Papas along with her other top Idols Jessica Sanchez, Phillip Phillips, and Joshua Ledet.

Now, I must say my sister and I were captivated by this dress' color and design, it was perfect for this Spring and Summer, and so begins my journey to find out what dress this was.

Remembering that upon researching the halter dress that I was also in love with that "Rachel Berry" wore on Glee was from ModCloth, I assumed that the Hollie dress was also from there as television fashion seem to be from around the same place/vendor. And sure enough I found the dress, or at least I thought so...

But I wasn't sure if it was that actual dress. I mean it wasn't in same the gorgeous turquoise color Hollie had on. The color-blocking at the bottom of the dress was a little off but re-watching parts from yesterday's episode, I was sure it had to have been the "Wheel Be There Soon" dress.

Now let me explain how I got to that conclusion. First I watched closely for the details on Hollie's dress' neckline, not chest for those dirty minds... you know who you are. Here's a picture to show you what I mean.

(Click photo for larger view)

As you can tell, the neckline detail is exactly the same, but the color-blocking stripes at the bottom edge of the dress doesn't match Hollies? I've got that covered as well.

My first thought was, since Hollie's petite, I wouldn't be surprised if the stylist had it hemmed up so it would look more proportionate with her height. And sure enough, if you watch this week's Idol Style with Soyon: Top 4, within the first minute of the video, you can see a couple of inches were taken-off the bottom edge of the dress. Which now can confirm the dress was indeed the "Wheel Be There Soon" dress. Clip screen-shot:

(Click photo for larger view)

But if that still doesn't convince you, I contacted ModCloth to ask if them if it was available in any other colors or if the turquoise color I saw was coming out in another season. The live chat representative was super nice and said that they only carry it in red but the vendor (Montaeu Inc.) who they got the dress from might have it other colors.

Despretely Google-ing their company and hoping for a website, it turned out to be a downer because the vendor does not have a website but only vendors to stores to have it sold. But to my surprise, this dress in the pretty turquoise color is sold on Bebe's website!

I can tell from Bebe's website that it is the same exact dress on ModCloth and on Hollie, belt and all. But if you notice the price difference, you'd probably want to consider the red version. On ModCloth, it's listed for $42.99, on Bebe's, it's triple the price for a whopping $129! So if you don't mind scooping out the cash for the gorgeous teal-turquoise color, good for you! But for college students on a budget like me, I think the same version in red is just as chic and cute.

Thank you for reading~

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Ritzee Rebel said...

Thanks for the info, sad it's not made in blue but it's still super cute in red!