Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Online Media Love

Technology has really come a long way and I really mean it when I say a long way. Everyday our world is growing and everyday us humans are trying to better ourselves in life as well things we use to live it. Television is probably one of the first technological invention I had in my memory that I really loved, and I'm sure it is for many 90's kids. Growing up for me wasn't always about getting the latest model in the Samsung Galaxy smartphones, I've had my fair share of outdoor playtime as well as being a good student in school. Even with the unconfined love I have for my t.v., I can pretty much say I've almost completely moved on to consuming media online and I love every second of it.

Between being a full time student, living on campus, and having to attend club meetings, I hardly have any time to relax let alone watch my favorite show during it's regular airing hours. Websites like Hulu, Netflix, and xfinity have really changed the way I can catch up on my virtual show dramas without having to dish out forty dollars a month for cable subscription. And the best thing about it is I can watch an episode multiple times, at any time of the day. Now I'm not saying regular television isn't amazing, it totally is but not everyone can catch that 8 pm season premiere on a Thursday night. It just works better with my busy schedule, so I can still catch up on the latest episode of Pretty Liars during the weekends when I have some time to myself.

Even aside from being able to watch television shows online, the internet world in general is just a huge gateway to new information. Websites like YouTube is now a great platform to learn through short media videos as well. Viewers can learn how to say greetings in a different language, watch their favorite artists' music videos, and even learn how to do a date night late by watching an online makeup tutorial. I've come to realize I'm a very visual person and I learn better by seeing it done first that's why sites like YouTube where others upload videos of themselves going step by step of how to do the Pythagorean Theorem, has really help me understand outside of the classroom.

Ultimately, I know technology will continue to grow and I feel fortunate that I can be there to grow with it. I've loved all the new ways it has come to help me and I hope the experience for others are just as positive as mine were.