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The Perfect Black Blazer/Jacket & H&M finds!

*Picture heavy post.

I've been pretty back on updating my blog but here's one I started on the 4th of last month and didn't get to completing till tonight. Sometime this week I'll be posting up my thoughts on those Payless wedges!

So I've pretty much convinced myself/been convinced that a perfect fitting black blazer/jacket is a must have stable. I've been on the hunt for one that doesn't need alterations for that can be a bit costly. I mean I do own a black semi-decent/formal jacket from Forever 21 that I bought about three years ago, on sale...

I purchased it in a size S after being told by the SA that they don't carry any jackets or blazers in size XS but have seen a black jacket hanging on the clearance rack once...? Maybe they discontinue carrying in that size. But the only reason I didn't purchase the "non existence" XS jacket was because it was simply torn. The lining had a bunch of nit-picked holes and a button was half way falling off... but it fit SOOO much better than their size S -sigh-

While shopping in my local mall a fews back in mid December, I stumbled upon the perfect petite friendly blazer in H&M.

I took a size 2 and 4 into the dressing room to try on and fell in love as I tried on the size 2. The shoulder fit was perfect and waist fit to perfection, it was tapered in and fitted. The blazer was fully lined with a white satin material and had navy prints of flowers and dragonflies. (I have a picture of the pricetag that shows the pattern below). I love the fit of this blazer and was absolutely sure I'd have to have it... until I saw the price tag. Not being cheap or anything but I'm a girl that's still college on a budget and this blazer cost a whopping $49.95! But after considering the fitting and lining, I was convinced the price was worth it compare to getting it one made with cheaper material, not fitting, and ending up getting it altered to fit...
The shoulders are lightly padded and I thought that would bother me but it didn't. I've always had an impression that padded shoulders were so the 80's but in this jacket, it actually makes my narrow shoulder a little more strong.

This picture is perhaps a little more clear on the fit as oppose to the one above.

Price tag with item number & lining pattern.

 I really did like this jacket but was held back due to the price so I did not pick it up that day (Jan. 9). To determine if I REALLY wanted something and to prevent myself from buying things all the time, I like to keep the things I want on a mental list that I sent aside in my brain and after awhile, if I still really want it, I will purchase. I considered the follow during my recent trip to H&M last weekend.


  • Fits well, will not need alterations.
  • Nice and sturdy.
  • Versatile for work, school, any occasion.

  • Pricey.
  • Outer material attracts dust.
And after those points, I used my 20% off coupon and purchased the jacket. Make sure to sign up for H&M newsletter for coupons, upcoming trends, and what's in stores!

The following pictures were from a different visit to H&M.
While I shopping around the mall last weekend I decided to walk into H&M like always, picked up that fitted blazer I wanted and snap some pictures of some pretty nice finds. (Pictures were taken about a month ago).

I love this Letterman jacket as for it's a way of redeeming myself for never joining a sports team in high school. It just so happened that day my purple shirt matches the purple letters on the jacket, and it was all a coincidence that the letters on the jacket were my initials, haha. I almost bought it but the smallest size available was a 6, although this runs kind of smaller and you'd want to wear it with a couple of lays underneath. So if a 4 was available I would of bought it!

 This nude lace dress also caught my eye since I was looking for a nude and lace dress, this one satisfied both of my needs. I took a size 2 to try on and it was waaaay too tight. I mean this dress does not have a zipper and the waistline isn't exactly all that stretchable, I almost pulled a muscle trying to fit into this dress! The following weekend I went back to try a 4 and although it was a little looser, it still looked great and was definitely easier to get in and out of. So if you're picking this up, make sure to go a size up! I'll have to pick this up another time before it's off the racks for my local H&M was out of a new size 4 since the one that I tried on was starting to rip in the back, guess someone tried too hard to squeeze in!

I seriously love this dress! I can be worn plain with a pair of nude wedges/heels or be dressed up with a new blazerrr haha. And best of all it's affordable, under $25! Save even more with the 20% off coupon if you sign up for their newsletter!
 Price tag with item number.

Thanks for reading!~

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