Wednesday, October 19, 2011

LAST Discontinued Rock & Republic Blush for sale!

Two  ONE Rock & Republic Blushes for sale! *DISCONTINUED*
As many makeup junkies might know, Rock and Republic blushes are super pigmented and pretty! All sold out on their website and mega hard to find anywhere but I have two beautiful colors on sale.
I'm selling the colors:

  • Immoral: Sheer matte, bright peachy coral. (Swatched once with clean brush very lightly) SOLD & SHIPPED!
  • Shameless: More of a bronzer than blush but it's a pretty medium brown with super finely milled gold flecks. (Swatched twice with clean brush lightly also, as shown in picture) There are two pictures of this blush, the first one where it shows the whole blush, the color of it actually is a lot darker than it really is. The second one that shows how much is used is the actual color.

(Right click or click on pictures for bigger views)

Immoral SOLD!

Shameless LAST ONE!

If you look closely at Immoral, you can hardly tell it's been used besides the fact that the pressed pattern on it in the middle is a little gone cause I used it once. As I said, this is a sheer bright peachy coral, but it actually looks really natural and would take A LOT to make it look fake and overdone, these are beautiful colors.
And as for Shameless, I have a picture to show how much has been swatched, you can clearly see where it's been swatched with a clean brush but these are basically new and will last very long because of their pigmentation.
Absolutely no scratches & scruffs on the blush compacts. Comes with the R&R box the blushes came in and the clear plastic that covers the blushes in the compact when you open it.
Basically NEW!
If you're from overseas, email me about shipping rates.


Leave a comment below if you're interested or email me at:!


michelle fang said...

how much is shameless?

Mindy J. L. said...

@michelle fang: can you please contact me in email for more information? My email is:

Thank you.