Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Makeup Obssesed and School Stressed

So I've realize it's been a loooooooong time since I've blogged about anything. Since I'm watching some chinese drama right now, might as well type up a blog post right? :)

So if you don't know me personal enough, I'm kind of a makeup fanatic... Anything to do with makeup excites me. :) But yeah, when I'm bored, I like to rewatch makeup tutorials on YouTube from MichellePhan. Though I really enjoy watching her videos... I felt they've changed a lot. Not specially bad, but I miss her old simple videos. A lot of her makeup tutorials now are looks that I myself wouldn't find myself being able to wear on a daily basis even if they're the "simple" ones, and I mean eye makeup. =/ But that's just me right? I mean, the makeup looks great on her... but not for me... cause my daily eye makeup only consist of just concealer, eyeliner, and mascara. But being a college student, simple is better!

Which brings me to my next rant... school. I go to my local community college and this is my first year there... second semester. I've been applying for other four year universities because I want to start at a uni in the up coming fall semester. But I remember my friends making fun of me because I'm going to a community college... and that it's "dumber" than the other uni and easier, blah blah. I can really say now, that I disagree completely with them. I took 4 classes last semester, not too hard since I had pretty easy classes to deal with... this semester... I decided to be a daredevil and take 5... Which consist of Intro to ECE (Early Childhood Education), English 101, Public Speaking, Algebra 137, & Into to Software Apps.

Now, the last two classes are kind of an easy come, easy go class... since Math has never really been a problem for me cause I'm kinda good at it. I can see the racist comments coming now... haha. Not saying I'm doing amazing in it, but it definitely moves a LOT faster than a regular high school math class... just sayin'. And into to software apps is just a computer class and doing easy microsoft projects. :) Th3 first three classes... are killing me slowly, I swear... the essays are stocking up and I just can't finish them fast enough. Not to mention I just came back from Spring Break and midterms are literally now...? UGH! I've got this 10 page midterm! What the heck?! I find it hard to even write two pages! And let's not even talk about ENGLISH! And it's not because I'm Asian... but English... definitely my WORST subject in school of ALL TIME! =/

But enough with my rants... but maybe one more... -sigh- I find my biggest problem general in life is procrastination. That basically sums up my life. Like right now, instead of doing my overdue essays and writing my speech... I'm watching chinese dramas and typing a blog post... eh. I gotta change that..

Anywaysssssssss! Really, enough about my rant, gotta go now! Enjoy the rest of you week people!

P.S. I've been really into The Vampire Dairies and Pretty Little Liars. :) Cannot wait till season two of PLL comes out! Actually... to tell the truth, I really can't wait... so I bought the book! Waiting for it to come in the mail! Meanwhile, enjoy a picture of these pretty ladies and...

A sexy picture of Stefan (pronounced stef-fen) played by Paul Wesley & Damon Salvatore played by Ian Somerhalder (I cannot get enough of his stunning blue eyes!). How can vampires be so sexy?!

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