Tuesday, October 25, 2011

$5 off $5 Target Online Purchase & 20% off Sephora.com

So thanks to a few great friends on Facebook, I've found this awesome page that offers lots of useful coupons just for liking their page!

This one I'm talking about today in this post, is for a coupon to use on Target.com. It gives you $5 off any purchase over $5! (Ends October 27, 2011)

My sister was trying to see if she can get an item absolutely free, meaning she was trying to see if she could buy something under $5 and not pay anything out of her own pocket. What she did was add an item under $5, apply the coupon, and tried to checkout. Everything went smooth up until the checkout where she tried to pay with her PayPal. When she clicks "Pay with PayPal", the page reloads back to the same page and doesn't go anywhere, so no work. But after adding an item OVER $5, she was able to purchase it after about a dime tax and $.99 shipping (depending on your item, shipping varies different), she only paid about $1.09 for her new lipstick! Still a pretty good deal!

I found myself using this coupon code to buy the huge-raved-about L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara in Blackest Black waterproof. Only paid about $3 shipping included!
(P.S. lots of cosmetics' shipping price varies between $.49-$8.99 each. My mascara's shipping was only .99 cents!)

Anyways, let's get on with it!

What you'd have to do is first like their page on Facebook. Click here for "Likeacoupon.com"'s Facebook page. Then on the left side bar underneath their picture, you'll see a bunch of little clickable links. In order to see the Target coupon code, you have to click "More".

Then you'll see a lot more options for great coupon codes but let's finish with the Target one first before I explain the other ones. After clicking "More", you'll see one that says Target, click it.

After clicking that, you should see a page similar to this:
(Code is not censored on real page)

With that code you can now copy and paste it at the checkout of your Target online order! Enjoy and happy shopping! Be sure to use it quick, the coupon code offer is only valid up till October 27th!

For other Q&As like is this reuse-able, well sadly, it's not, I tried today and Target will tell you it coupon has already been redeemed, although I'm almost positive it's the same code for everyone, I guess they keep a record when you check out on your account.

As for the other links on their Facebook page underneath their picture, like the links that says, Sephora, AMC, or LivingSocial, each one is a different offer so be sure to check them out if you're interested in any of those.

The Sephora link gives a coupon code for 20% off Sephora.com. Valid until November 2, 2011. Enjoy and spread the awesome coupon code love!

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