Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween '11 and Birthdays

How's everyone doing? Good hopefully especially since today is the first day of November!

I have to admit I feel like a loner, I always wish I was invited to cool Halloween parties like the ones that are all decked out! But nope, all my friends are away attending college elsewhere and I'm at home. -sigh- Don't get my wrong, I love living in the comfort of my home, I'd just like to go partying every now and then to relieve some stress. SCHOOL STRESS.
Which reminds me, I have a 4-5 page research paper due tomorrow with about 9 sources and another 6 pages of annotated bibliography too. Oh and a pre-calc quiz, yay for college.

Anyways, I'd like to share with you what I was for Halloween and maybe you can share your's too!
With all the vampire rage going on, I thought why not?! Since it was so last minute, I mean like literally my mom woke me up and said we were going to the mall with my younger brothers to trick or treat and I was not ready. So I just mixed some red color lipsticks, since I dont own any true red.
Rimmed my eyes with a black eyeliner, winged it out a little, and some blue colored contacts. Although hazel or red would of been a better and real choice, I didn't have any at the moment.

And lo and behold! My last minute vampire costume has been born!

Before any more Halloween pictures, I'd just like to say HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY TO MY SISTER! She's turning 21 next week! What a journey! I love her and she's my best friend in the house, I literally share everything with her. I mean, we lay in bed multiple times and just reminisce the old days when we were young and the funny/stupid things we've done. And now she's all grown up! -sniff-
I said that as if I was older than her haha. Not to mention, November is one of the months with many birthdays within my family. March being the other one (mine).

Well maybe not THAT many, but like 3 close ones? Haha, so soon after my sister's birthday on November 7th, it's going to be my younger cousin Tiffany's birthday! She's turning 17! You can visit and read her emo blog by clicking here, haha <3. She's the tallest among us all, and I mean she's almost, maybe even the same height as her dad.... :)

Then later in the month, November 25th is my mom's birthday! She has had her birthday on Thanksgiving multiple times and it's been a blessing to have family and friends there the celebrate.

But I can't help getting excited for my sister's 21st birthday to come, and it's not just because we're going out to Ruby Tuesdays to eat and I've been craving that Seafood Festival and Rib-eye steak... haha, but she's going to be a legal adult... :O

Anyways, I conclude with my Halloween "costume" and some pictures of food from Ruby Tuesdays during our first visit there. Enjoy and don't droll too much. :)

Let's see how it tastes...
Tasted horrible, Skittles was a way better alternative, haha.
My bloody nails to match the look!
Ruby Tuesday's Seafood Trio (think that's what it's called)

Yummy Rib-Eye!

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