Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Free Textbook Rentals? SAY WHAT?!

*UPDATE: FREE TEXTBOOK RENTALS ARE ON AGAIN! Free textbook rentals for the Spring 2012 semester! Get your hands on it while they're still some left!

One of the many things I don't want to spend money on as a college student is textbooks... I mean tuition is already getting us in debt and now books too?! Not to mention how these books can easily cost $300! Talkin' 'bout bankrupted! But guess what? FREE TEXTBOOK RENTALS!

You've got it! I found this awesome deal online while eyeing my "Today on AOL" news that I see every time I check my mail. Basically "this company" is having a huge free textbook rental deal going on right now! so you're probably wondering how you can do this right? Well easy peasy lemon sneezey! :)

Keep reading to find out how and a step-by-step guide to get your free textbook rentals this semester!

You're probably thinking... what's the catch? Well the catch is... you have to pay for shipping... and luckily, shipping isn't all that bad. The most inexpensive shipping is ground shipping for $7.99, and the rates increase for faster shipping dates. (Neebo also gives estimate delivery dates next to each shipping option!)

I don't know about you but $7.99 for a $200 textbook sounds pretty darn good to me.

Not sure what the occasion was but they're giving free rentals to 100,000 of their Facebook fans!

Anyways, on with the tutorial/how to get this awesome deal.

First go to Neebo's Facebook Page, by click here. Then log into your Facebook account, and "Like" their page.

Then you should see this page:

And as you can see, there's a search box where you can find what textbook you want to rent or need to rent.

After typing in what you're looking for, hit the search button.

If the book you're looking for WAS offered, but all of their free rentals were already gone for that book... it'll look like this:
Notice how it says 6 offered and 0 available. If that's what you need... well, you're outta luck. =/

If the book you're look for isn't there, or they don't have this textbook at all, it'll look like this:

If Neebo have the textbook you searched, but wasn't offered, it'll look like this:
Notice how it says 0 offer and 0 avaliable.

Now if the textbook you searched is there, and there are still remaining free rentals, it'll look like this:
Notice the big blue text that says "FREE RENTAL!" and green button that says "rent this textbook for free". Also checkout the amount of offers they have and how many copies are remained.

What you want to do is click the green button for the free rental.

After clicking the button, you'll be directed to another page to pay for it, and you'll notice a blue "Login" button. (Click picture below to follow what to do next!)

After logging in and "allowing" it, you'll notice the previous numbers 1 & 2 in the circles, have now turned to blue circles with check marks.

Now just read the full contract to prevent any late fees and after understanding, select the rental agreement, "I agree".
All you have to do now is fill out expected graduation date, school, your favorite bookstore, select how you heard about them, the billing/shipping address, credit card information, and BAM! Your free textbook order is on it's way!

Better late than never! -cough- I have class in two days and I have zero books.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, let me guess? Most of you probably have more than one book you need to order/buy correct? Same here! After searching for all the books I needed for my five classes, only three were available for rental. I still think it's an incredibly good deal because out of the five books I needed, the three available were the most expensive!

The thing is... Neebo only lets you use the free rental deal once with each Facebook account and email address... so if you tried to order another book again, using the same Facebook and email address, you'll see this error:

And of course there's a way to rent more than one free textbook! You can either create a new email address at gmail, yahoo, aim, hotmail, etc. or use an old email address you still have access to, and create a couple of new Facebook pages for this offer... That's what I had to do at least.
Yes it might take a little while, but hey, it can save you a bunch of money!

So after creating your new Facebook with whatever-name, you just have to repeat the steps of loggin in and "allowing" them at check-out!

Pass on the great deal before it's gone! They're only offering it to the first 100,000 Facebook-ers! They're already at 93,486 last time I checked, so only 6514 more people can get this deal! I saved a whopping $199.74 and my sister saved close to $80!

I mean there's no rush, but you'd probably want to get those books now before you're half-way into the course!

Thank you for reading and enjoy~

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