Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween Costume & Plans?

Well you see... we're a little over half-way into October... which means, most of us has either already have a Halloween costume or at least thought about Halloween... I mean seriously? There are so many decorations up everywhereeee! But that's the least of my concern.

Being a freshman in college... I actually have a bit of homework to worry about; but it's only in my, so called "English" class that is. It's actually a essay writing class, and the professor even told us that! That's one thing I HATE most about English class in general; essays. Which makes it a WHOLE LOT better! Now that I have an enter class to write essays in for an entire SEMESTER! YAYYY! /end sarcasm.

ANYWAYS, back to my story. I actually had bought a costume and had it arrived before October began. And yes... sorry to anyone who hates these "sexy" costumes... but they're actually not all that "sexy" on me... and I'll tell you why. Okay, you see, these "sexy" costumes, were made extra short in dress/skirt length, to show off more skin. But being a short-lil-ol' me, I'm only 5'1", so these aren't really all that "short" on me... not to mention the models that dress in these costume for the photos displayed on the packaging are like 5'9" WITH heels on! Say what?!

-Sigh- I wish I were a few inches taller... But, there are benefits of being short... I think? Plus, I live in the East coast, and let's just say, it gets a bit too nippy around here at the end of October. Especially this year... the cold seems to have came a bit too early, eh. So anyways! Sorry to keep ranting on, but this is the costume I bought:

Yes yes, it's Leg Avenue... But what can I say? I love their costumes! Super cute! But if anyone's interested, the name of this costume is Sweetheart Sailor. I'm not really sure if I'm actually going to get to wear this, this Halloween... Which brings us to the Halloween plans I had planned out with Tiffany, Patty and Evelyn. We were brainstorming about what to do. Like, either her (Eve) and her clan come to CT, or we go to NY... can't really decide yet, but I did somehow included my best guy friend, Nick, into this plan! You see... he's not much of a city boy, since he grew up in this suburb area... I mean, gosh, I HATED this place when I first moved here... I still can't stand it, but I've adapted to it much. Anyways, we're kind of settled to a plan, that's just waiting to get confirmed. :)

Hopefully everything works out! Then it'll sure be a fun Halloween weekend! And the weekend doesn't even have to be about Halloween! Just a fun weekend out of state into the city! My city. =) Anyways, I hope to blog more in the future! Nights everyone! Or shall I say morning... since it IS 2:40 A.M. ;)

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