Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow, snow, and more... SNOW!

Who doesn't love a day off from school in the middle of the week?! And the best thing about it, the coming 4 day weekend that happens to have two holidays! This is what I call killing two birds with one stone! Now... if you guys don't know what other holiday I'm talking about besides Valentine's Day, well then, that's probably because you aren't Asian! Haha, yup, it's Asian New Year! Chinese New Year is by far, my most favorite-est holiday! I mean c'mon, who doesn't love a holiday that's an excuse to get free moneyyyyyyyyy. This is the day I'm most proud of my heritage! :D

And yes, I know I haven't blogged for a while, but being a senior in high school is stressful too you know! Man, I wish I was one of those nerdy freshmen back a few years ago, then maybe I'd be going to school late, going to one or two classes, and going home early every day. -sigh- A little too late now, but I can handle it! >=]

So, moving on with this beautiful weather... oh wait, it's snowing outside... I do love snow, but cold just isn't my thing. A few reasons why I love snow. When it snows like this, I have no school. Snow looks beautiful when it falls down from the sky. Three, well, when it's a sunny day and there's a LOT of snow outside... the sun reflects off the snowy-white surface and makes beautiful lighting for photos! And I really just don't know why, but the reflecting light, just brightens everything up and I love that. It makes me happy to see that. Haha. You guys are probably thinking, wow.. she's weird... =/ Oh and do Enjoy this picture I took with my new phoneeeee. (HTC Pure) The photo quality is beautiful, especially in closeups, there's macros and it's 5 mega pixels! Amazing for a phoneeeee. I digress, enjoy...~

Ah, now I'm about to settle down. Make some hot cocoa, watch some Chinese dramas, and eat some rotisserie chickeeeeen! (Yes, my dad went out in this fury weather to go grocery shopping for us. <3 you Dad!) So until next time. PEACE OUT HOME DOGS. =]

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Frances said...

I totally went like it's snowing in Brooklyn now?! O_O before I saw this post was dated in Feb... LOLOL