Tuesday, November 18, 2008

iMac OS' are soooo fun!

Hey guys, I haven't blogged in a while, been too busy with my History thesis. I was suppose to hand in the rough draft on Monday but little ol' me only had the whole 1 paragraph done so... late it'll have to be. Not to mention the FINAL thesis paper is due the next Tuesday before Thanksgiving vacation... guess I won't be sleeping anytime soon since I procrastinate most of the time. At least that's one thing I won't have to worry about during vacation. =]

Anyways, back on topic. We have this cool room in our school's library named "The Media Room", aka. The Yearbook room. Inside that room, there's approximately 10-15 Mac PCs? Can't remember exactly, nor did I ever remember to count those darn things. Within those "10-15" Mac PCs, one was a huge 22 inch (?) for editing, about seven were the regular Macs, and two with the built in cameras. Well, one day...
my friend Grace got bored in class (what's new?) and decided to take pictures to waste time. :D We started off taking normal pictures then got adventurous and decided to try the Photo Booth effects. You've been warned, there are some pretty weird pictures to come...

^Photobooth Effect: Popart

Jessica M. (Not pictured): Is that Grace?
Me: Yeah, I didn't know you guys knew each other?
Jessica M.: Well even if I didn't see her face I'd still be able to tell it's her.
Me: Really how?
Jessica M.: Cause her boobs are always hanging out!

Haha oh Jess, how I miss your funny jokes.

^Photobooth Effect: Popart

^Photobooth Effect: Normal

Lol @ Mark's head.

^Photobooth Effect: Twirl

Hahaha, ewwww.

^Photobooth Effect: Squeeze

Ahhh my head!

^Photobooth Effect: Stretch

What happened to my face?! (Ignore the pimple that's been magnified with the effect.)

^Photobooth Effect: Bulge

[Enter caption here]

^Photobooth Effect: Twirl

My super happy face! :D

^Photobooth Effect: Stretch

Evelyn said told me I needed to get fat and so I did.

^Photobooth Effect: Was called Color Dots but renamed Pop Art.

LOL @ my eyes!
^Photobooth Effect: Dent

My favorite! Hahahahahaaaaaaaa.

^Photobooth Effect: Colored Pencil


^iMac OS X v10.5 Photobooth: Glow Effect

My personal favorite. :)

That's all for now! Enjoy, and good nights~

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Tiffany said...

Mindy's a loooser!

Oh and I have to sign about you in my ASL class. BWAHAHAHAH